Digital Innovation

We Build Custom Online Solutions for Businesses Small & Large

Web Design

Connecting with new customers, conveying the features and benefits of your products and services, and turning browsers into buyers are just some of the goals your website should be aiming to achieve. A Copirite built website delivers a fresh, responsive and engaging online presence for your business, as well as being easy to update, maintain and use.

With more and more people browsing the internet on their mobile phones and tablets, it is critical that your website looks, performs and functions well on all these new devices. All Copirite websites are now built using responsive, mobile friendly development techniques – a solution that provides a consistent and appropriate look and feel regardless of what mobile or desktop device is used to view it. Take a look at our Web portfolio for some great examples of our work.

Copirite have a dedicated and growing team of web designers and developers. We ensure your website has an easy to use User Interface (UI), enabled by the latest web technologies (HTML5/CSS3 and javascript), and is both search engine friendly and secure for your peace of mind.

We make developing and maintaining your new website for you as easy as possible for a completely hassle free experience. Partner with Copirite and launch your new website to both delight your customers and sell your business online.

Social Media Design

Are you making the most of Facebook? Over 1 Billion people use Facebook on a regular basis. How does your business Like that?

Thousands of businesses like yours are using it everyday to gain more clients or customers. This is Social Media Marketing at its very best, and we can show you to how to make full use of it.

Our web team can update your site to include:
• “Like” links as well as Facebook badges?
• Branded profile images?
• Custom Facebook pages and forms

Collecting email addresses and data has never been so easy because we’ll include a sign-up form on your business page. Run polls to gain valuable insight into your customers and their lives, upload videos to market your business and display exclusive offers to your fans.

Facebook is a unique platform (think opportunity) to further market your business and yet, once up and running, is so simple to keep your customers updated. Ignore it at your peril.

Our custom Twitter profile images, themes and headers can make your twitter presence stand out from the crowd. We can incorporate your existing business branding into your twitter images as well as help you with a promotion calendar to ensure you are marketing your product and business in a timely and impactful way.

Multi Media Design

Ever wondered why one of the most successful, and eye-catching, forms of business advertising involves the flat screen, or plasma TV?

Because we’re naturally drawn to the screen, regardless of what’s on. So what better way to connect with your customers than a video, or animation, explaining just what it is your business can do for them?

Dedicated Multimedia.
The talented graphic design team at Copirite specialise in bringing your business to life, saying what you’d like to if you could greet every customer face-to-face. Imagine that! It’s a proven medium and, because we know every business has its own unique story, we want all of your ideas and input too. Don’t hold back, only then can we create the perfect production for you.

Every aspect of your business on display 24/7. Making the most of this prime advertising space could include your special offers, up and coming events, menu items, menu/restaurant specials, competitions or cross promoting.

Get more from Multimedia – much more.
We can also produce unique Interactive DVD’s, Flash Animations, Presentations, Flip Book Presentations and Banner Advertising for your business.


Wow your customers with a professionally designed e-newsletter template. Blasting out a marketing email to thousands of your customers is often a hit and miss affair. You may have the best offer in the market, but if the email is not great looking (first impressions count) then it may end up in the customers trash rather than being read.

At Copirite, we can design an outstanding email template for use in your campaigns. Each one is customised to your business and easy to incorporate into your existing e-newsletter workflow.

We also provide an e-newsletter service for you if you want to get started.

Redesign + Rescue

Already have a website/web application that needs some love? The Copirite web team can help, with a redesign of your existing website or a repair rescue on your existing site. We have the technical know-how to ensure you are back in business with a well-tested, fully operational website. And we’ll make sure it does not look dated and stale.

Custom Applications

Have an idea for a startup business? Or a specific problem you think a web application would solve? We can help!

We can build a customised web application that brings your dream to life. Our web and design team can work with you to build an application that is thoroughly tested, looks great, and that your customers will love.

We have the knowledge, processes and perseverance to build your application in an efficient and cost-effective way. You stay in control during the develpoment process and are involved every step of the way.

Search Engine Optimisation

Getting found on Google (SEO)

For a customer to come to your website, first you need to be found. Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting your business to the top of the page that really counts – page one. And it’s complicated. Internet search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, are constantly altering and improving the way they work. But making the experience better for the customer often makes it harder to keep your business on top.

Search engines love to see new content, information rich products, and helpful, well-structured websites – businesses that can actually help the person searching. After all, that’s really what your customer wants.

Help! What can I do?
You could just hope for the best, but we recommend you have a chat with our web team at Copirite. We’ve been working with search engine technology for so long now that we know exactly how they tick… and tock. Sorry for the cliché, but it’s true.

We’ll look at your existing website using web analytic tools to see what’s working to get you higher, but perhaps more importantly, what is working against you. That’s right, some aspects of your website might actually be driving you down the page ranks!

It may just require a few tweaks, which can be implemented easily, but it might be time for a new, cleanly-coded website. Something we do brilliantly. We only use the latest web technology to create websites that thrive in the toughest environment. The internet is packed full of competition, and it’s hard to rank well for the popular keywords and phrases, but our search engine strategies win over and over.