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18 August 2007

Image, advertising and promotion attracts new clients before they even walk through your door. No wonder smart and successful operators consider engaging a top-quality graphic designer as crucial to the success of any new venue.

In the super-cutthroat world of hospitality, anything that gives you the edge over your opposition warrants serious investigation. Something that smart operators have been keeping a secret is the pivotal role graphic design plays in the success of their businesses. Savvy hospitality entrepreneurs know that a top quality graphic designer needs to be sitting in on any plans for a new fitout or refit — you’ve got your architect/interior designer, audiovisual expert and your graphic designer – they simply have to be part of your “dream team” from the onset. Most businesses will make the mistake of bringing in the graphic designer almost as an afterthought, like you would the painters. Wrong. That’s just woefully shortsighted. Without the input of a creative graphic designer with an eye for detail, you simply won’t get the cohesion and impact youneed from your venue’s promotions.

Let’s be clear about this: it’s not just your logo that we’re talking about, it’s the signage, the menus, the posters, the website, the flyers, the motifs used in the interior design, the advertising, or even the animations you display on those expensive flat screens (more on this later)… if all these elements aren’t brought together under the guidance and direction of a top-notch graphic designer then the results are likely to be jarring. In other words, don’t wing it – or you’ll regret it.

Copirite is a graphic design firm that has a wealth of experience producing artwork for the hospitality sector. Copirite understands the unique demands of pubs, clubs, bars and nightclubs and has a thorough knowledge of on- and off-premises promotions — whether it be bar, gaming, dining or liquor related. Copirite counts the likes of the ALH Group (Varsity Lakes Tavern, Oxford 152, The Sands, Castle Hill Tavern, Hinterland Hotel and many others), Marriott Hotels, Minus 5 Bars, Valley Hotel, Titanium Bar and Surfers Rowers as satisfied customers, and has been a supplier to over 130 venues across Australia and New Zealand.

Director Annette Zolkos and her team of cutting edge design professionals can take care of all your print and multimedia promotions. Furthermore, Copirite has three large-format printers in-house — capable of printing banners, posters and wallpaper — to ensure a quick response to many jobs.

And, finally, venues using Nightlife music video systems will be very interested to hear about a new Copirite initiative — individually tailored, animated ‘billboards’ between songs, or on dedicated screens. Yes, use those plasmas and LCDs to brand your venue, and run promotions, not just to play video clips!

You can spend millions on a great fitout, and get the best lighting and audiovisual system going, but it’s your promotional efforts that are selling your venue, not the backlit onyx bar… So it’s worth forging a relationship with a graphic design firm that knows your business almost as well as you do.