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Men’s Health Campaign – It will affect U

13 June 2013

June 10-16th is Men’s Health Week, and we’re proud to team up with the PA Research Foundation again to support this worthy cause. This years campaign centres around getting your man to ‘Muscle Up’ for Men’s Health – manning up and getting in to see the doc for a general check up. To give them some incentive, apart from good health, the PA team came up with the concept of a ManDate Leave Pass. Visit; purchase a pass which provides the foundation with funds to provide further research, but also gives your man a ‘free pass’ to do as he pleases for an afternoon / a day – whatever you are willing to give – in return for his health check. Not a bad deal, we think!

The creative team at Copirite have been involved in all aspects of this campaign – graphic design, web design and development, social media graphics, print production and distribution and the major Appeal direct mail design and production. Some of the digital pieces are shown here, and the TVC is also live now.

Visit and give your man – partner / brother / dad / son / mate / uncle / grandpa – the gift that could just save his life.