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A website that works for your business

5 June 2013

Here at Copirite, we are often asked by clients to redesign and/or redevelop their website. All too often we hear about websites that were built 5 years ago and haven’t been updated since. Or websites that do not provide any benefit for the business. As with any marketing strategy, your website needs to achieve specific goals and maintain a fresh and engaging look. Partnering with Copirite for your next website rebuild will achieve that as we go through some of the processes below.

1. Settings goals for your site – what do you want it to do – increase sales? Increase amount of phone referrals? Adding people to a mailing list?

2. What are your competitors doing? Visit their website from the perspective of a buyer – can you navigate around and achieve what you are aiming for from step 1 above? Is it easier or harder than your current website?

3. Do you want to target desktop AND mobile browsers? The iPad is the best selling tablet device out there – and millions of people use it for browsing the web. Same with iPhones and other smartphone brands. In fact mobile browser usage exceeds desktop browser usage. By giving your potential customers a great viewing and usability experience on all devices you are giving your website maximum exposure.

4. Start small – instead of aiming to achieve 10 goals, start with 1. Baby steps. Perhaps the best thing initially is to aim to get 100 email signups a month. Thats 1,200 people annually you can send newsletters/marketing to (we can help with this) that have in-fact asked to be notified about your business/product. If 10% of those make a purchase, then thats 120 new customers. Now your website is doing some work for you. And its measurable.

At Copirite, we have a dedicated web development team – along with a fantastic graphic design team, and account managers that understand business. Don’t let your website have a dated design, and don’t let it not achieve the goals you set for it.

Call Copirite on (07) 5570 2100 to discuss your website needs with us.