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Promotion via Email Signatures

22 May 2013

One powerful marketing opportunity that is often forgotten is email signatures. There is no denying that most business communication is now via email, so it’s important to ensure this daily touch point with consumers or clients is one of your strongest marketing opportunities. Simply put, email signatures are the modern day business card.

Most email signatures do incorporate the general information of name, position and contact numbers but with a few tweaks you could easily turn your signature into a marketing powerhouse. So, before you pump out your next 40 emails ensure that your signature has some (if not all) of the following.

Link to your website
A simple link to your website helps to generate traffic and therefore expand further awareness of your company and its services. It’s important to have a dedicated landing page and a clean link. The dedicated landing page is important as it sends the consumer or client in the direction you want them to go. This ensures that you have control of where you send your consumers/clients and what you ultimately want them to see first.

Social media buttons
Nothing is uglier than lines and lines of links, so ensure that if you are including your personal or yourcompany’s social media pages that you use ‘buttons’. Social media buttons are more inviting for people to easily click through to ‘like’ your page on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, connect with you on LinkedIn and so on. There are so many options of social media buttons that can be easily downloaded and added to your signature for free and for further inspiration here are some buttons that can be found on the web:

For industries who regularly hold promotions or events, a great way to market these to a wider audience is through your email signature. Think of the amount of emails you send daily and how many people you could reach with a simple link and blurb to your next upcoming event. Ensure that you include an image or larger text to catch the attention of the reader and then a link for them to click through for further information.

Uniform signatures
This is by far the most important aspect of email signatures…..make sure every staff member has a unified signature! Every outgoing email from each employee needs to be visually strong, brand relevant and with click throughs to social media, the website, etc. Email signatures that are the same throughout the company ensure there is a always a consistence and professional appearance.

It’s important to remember that every client or consumer touch point is critical. While it may seem that it is only an email signature, it could be the only touch point you have with someone and therefore should strongly reinforce your brand. Here at Copirite we can help you design and develop your email signature. With the help of our graphic designers and web developers, we can ensure your online business card is both visually strong and sending the right message to your target markets.

For more information, email our social media coordinator Alex at: