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Proudly Supporting Youngcare

29 October 2014

We’re feeling all warm inside here at the Copirite office and it has nothing to do with the soaring temperatures outside!

Today we received a beautiful card from one of the charities that we proudly support that has resulted in the warm fuzzies hitting. Beautifully embossed and hand signed by the Youngcare team – it certainly was the nicest thing to hit our letterbox in a while. Thank you in turn to our wonderful clients who support us and provide us with the ability to make a contribution to the causes that are close to our hearts.

New Team Members!

16 September 2014

A big Copirite welcome to our latest team members! In the last few months we’ve just got busier and busier (again!) and have some new hires – Alysha in graphic design, James in Signage and print production, Kyla in Administration and Dispatch Co-Ordination and Nicki has joined our Account Management and Administration team.

We’re currently advertising for another designer to join our expanding Gold Coast Graphic Design crew too.
Be quick if you want to add your name to our team, as interviews are already commencing..!

Type is Golden

11 September 2013

What an awesome turnout for the first ever Typism conference on the Gold Coast.
A room full of passionate font geeks ready from 9am to take in a full day of font frothing.

The speakers were awesome, thanks to our host Dominique Fella. For me the highlights were from local brand designer Matt Vergotis who I could have listened to for another 5 hours on brand strategy, logo development and client relations, and Brisbane printmaker Nicole Phillips who seems to have ink flowing in her veins. I have never heard anyone speak more articulately & passionately about print, ink & press.

Wayne Thompson, founder of was truly inspiring. To get an understanding of the time and energy that goes into designing a full type family including weights and glyphs blew me away.

Thinking back on it now, all the speakers were completely engaging and they all brought a clever, insightful depiction of their life with typography and I was captivated throughout the day. I’m totally chuffed that finally the GC has a platform like Typism, for designers to share their experiences. Typism delivered a massive exclamation mark! Cant wait for the next one!

Kris Hauselberger, Art Director, Copirite Design Print Web.

Cupcake Day for the RSPCA – 2013

21 August 2013

Monday 19th August was the RSPCA’s annual fundraiser – Cupcake Day.

Designers, Account managers and production staff all got their ovens blazing to create some of these fantastic Cupcake creations.

Together with our local businesses we’ve raised around $500 so far for this worthy cause. Good work team Copirite!

A website that works for your business

5 June 2013

Here at Copirite, we are often asked by clients to redesign and/or redevelop their website. All too often we hear about websites that were built 5 years ago and haven’t been updated since. Or websites that do not provide any benefit for the business. As with any marketing strategy, your website needs to achieve specific goals and maintain a fresh and engaging look. Partnering with Copirite for your next website rebuild will achieve that as we go through some of the processes below.

1. Settings goals for your site – what do you want it to do – increase sales? Increase amount of phone referrals? Adding people to a mailing list?

2. What are your competitors doing? Visit their website from the perspective of a buyer – can you navigate around and achieve what you are aiming for from step 1 above? Is it easier or harder than your current website?

3. Do you want to target desktop AND mobile browsers? The iPad is the best selling tablet device out there – and millions of people use it for browsing the web. Same with iPhones and other smartphone brands. In fact mobile browser usage exceeds desktop browser usage. By giving your potential customers a great viewing and usability experience on all devices you are giving your website maximum exposure.

4. Start small – instead of aiming to achieve 10 goals, start with 1. Baby steps. Perhaps the best thing initially is to aim to get 100 email signups a month. Thats 1,200 people annually you can send newsletters/marketing to (we can help with this) that have in-fact asked to be notified about your business/product. If 10% of those make a purchase, then thats 120 new customers. Now your website is doing some work for you. And its measurable.

At Copirite, we have a dedicated web development team – along with a fantastic graphic design team, and account managers that understand business. Don’t let your website have a dated design, and don’t let it not achieve the goals you set for it.

Call Copirite on (07) 5570 2100 to discuss your website needs with us.

Promotion via Email Signatures

22 May 2013

One powerful marketing opportunity that is often forgotten is email signatures. There is no denying that most business communication is now via email, so it’s important to ensure this daily touch point with consumers or clients is one of your strongest marketing opportunities. Simply put, email signatures are the modern day business card.

Most email signatures do incorporate the general information of name, position and contact numbers but with a few tweaks you could easily turn your signature into a marketing powerhouse. So, before you pump out your next 40 emails ensure that your signature has some (if not all) of the following.

Link to your website
A simple link to your website helps to generate traffic and therefore expand further awareness of your company and its services. It’s important to have a dedicated landing page and a clean link. The dedicated landing page is important as it sends the consumer or client in the direction you want them to go. This ensures that you have control of where you send your consumers/clients and what you ultimately want them to see first.

Social media buttons
Nothing is uglier than lines and lines of links, so ensure that if you are including your personal or yourcompany’s social media pages that you use ‘buttons’. Social media buttons are more inviting for people to easily click through to ‘like’ your page on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, connect with you on LinkedIn and so on. There are so many options of social media buttons that can be easily downloaded and added to your signature for free and for further inspiration here are some buttons that can be found on the web:

For industries who regularly hold promotions or events, a great way to market these to a wider audience is through your email signature. Think of the amount of emails you send daily and how many people you could reach with a simple link and blurb to your next upcoming event. Ensure that you include an image or larger text to catch the attention of the reader and then a link for them to click through for further information.

Uniform signatures
This is by far the most important aspect of email signatures…..make sure every staff member has a unified signature! Every outgoing email from each employee needs to be visually strong, brand relevant and with click throughs to social media, the website, etc. Email signatures that are the same throughout the company ensure there is a always a consistence and professional appearance.

It’s important to remember that every client or consumer touch point is critical. While it may seem that it is only an email signature, it could be the only touch point you have with someone and therefore should strongly reinforce your brand. Here at Copirite we can help you design and develop your email signature. With the help of our graphic designers and web developers, we can ensure your online business card is both visually strong and sending the right message to your target markets.

For more information, email our social media coordinator Alex at:

Copirite’s Internship

4 February 2013

Last year we kicked off our Internship Program and had an overwhelming response from Tafe and university students through to current working designers. We were genuinely impressed and delighted at the level of work that the potential interns portrayed and picking a successful candidate was not going to be an easy task!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t pick them all but one standout for Kris, our Art Director, was Ashleigh Dunlop. Her designs and personality were definitely suited to the Copirite culture and we have been loving each day she has been with us. So to ensure that Ashleigh had insight into the working world of our design team, our Art Director created a 7 step project for her. The project revolves around the concept of a new tapas bar ‘Drift‘, that is set to open this year with Ashleigh as the brains behind the interior and exterior designs.

Stage one has consisted of a logo design for ‘Drift‘ that needed to portray the simple and eclectic feel of the proposed bar, while incorporating the beach location. Below is the start of the design process for Ashleigh, with her initial hand drawn design (love!) through to her first proofs.

We cannot wait to see more of the concept that Ashleigh is creatively building and will be sure to have her thoughts on our next blog about the process behind it all!


Latest News @ Copirite

7 November 2012

There has been lots of exciting movements within our office over the last few months, so we thought we would take a quick five minutes to fill everyone in on what’s been happening….

Firstly, we welcomed on board new staff members. Taylah and Matt joined our designing team and have jumped straight into the deep end of our current work projects. We are now at 9 designers and planning on even more after the New Year.

We also welcomed to the team new Account Managers Hazel and Alex. Due to the growth within our company and with our clients’ projects, we are grateful for their extra assistance. It has certainly been all hands on deck from their very first day!

Another exciting announcement is that Jacqui was recently promoted to Assistant Manager. Jacqui has been with us for over three years now as an Account Manager, and we are very grateful for all her hard work and dedication. Well done, Jacko!

In business news, while print and design continues to be imperative to Copirite’s core structure, we are pleased to announce that we’re quickly heading in a digital direction. Not only has our web development team been busy building new websites for various clients, but we are also in the process of developing some great social media and online strategies for our clients that will help them to further market their businesses. We have some big plans in the works, and can’t wait to share these developments soon… stay tuned!

Finally, this past month has been our busiest yet! With new clients being welcomed on board and great design projects happening for current clients we have certainly been running wild with designs, admin and printing!

Keep up the great work team, not long now until Christmas…..

New staff members: Matt, Hazel, Alex and Taylah